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This picture box collection is the internet portal to photos and videos created by the Martin Brothers

Martin brothers Quinn and Shane Martin have been interested in photogragphy and filmmaking for years. Creating films has been a hobby, passion and interest for the Martin Brothers for the past 18 years.

The brothers have chosen the less trodden and bump path as independent filmmakers and have thrived on the micro production challenge. At times they have fully embraced the term "Gorilla filmmakers". Their success has ranged from "hey that is all right" to.... "what were we thinking, burn the film!".

Over the years the brothers dreams of full featured films has faded and then resurfaced only to fade away again. The brothers have ventured into a number of filmmaking projects, music videos, short films, commercials, documentaries, mocumentaries, weddings, and pilots for TV series.

The Martin Bothers have full time jobs but continue making films in their spare time trying to continually improve their craft of filmmaking. Why do the brothers keep making films? Well it's because they love the adventure and journey of creating films.